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   My name is Michelle and I a mom of two, teacher, entrepreneur, and sugar addict turned health coach. 

   I have always been interested in healthy living and wanted to be healthy and fit, but I was one of those busy moms that didn't always put myself first.  I would start a workout program at home and one week in I'd fall off the wagon for a few months or a year and then try it all again, just to have the same outcome.  

   I tried to eat healthy foods and make sure my family was eating well, but I always seemed to end up in the same place - unplanned, throwing processed foods into the oven because I hadn't prepped anything.  Then evenings would come and I'd be sneaking into the fridge to polish off anything sweet I could find!  Life was busy and I was never my own first priority.  

   Then I stumbled across Become a Health Coach at the Health Coach Institute, and was hooked.  I am currently going through the training program to become a certified health and life coach, which is unlike any other health coach training.  No diets to follow, no exercise programs to do, just simple but powerful steps to take to transform your habits and create a healthy lifestyle.  It was the answer to my prayers! 

   It's now my mission to inspire women like you who are feeling stuck with their health to get over that hump once and for all and become the person you dream to be.  

   You'll follow a 90-day plan that will help you change those unwanted habits which will transform your life!  I will be your motivator, teacher and cheerleader as you become the best version of yourself right before your very eyes.  

   Send me a message today to set up a free consultation.  I'd love to hear your story and see if we would be a good fit!


   You've got nothing to lose, so take the first step to becoming your best version of yourself today!

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