Hey there, Mama!

Do you wish you could be healthier, and

get back the energy you once had, so you can show up for your family in the ways you desire, but lack motivation?

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Let me guess - you can picture her in your mind - that healthy mom who is killing it in life, feeling great and has energy to give to others and is able to get all the sh*t done with a smile on her face!  


When you try to become that person you start off with a bang - I've got this! I'm finally going to get healthy!! You couldn't be more excited or motivated.  You start cranking out the workouts and drinking the smoothies and go all in.  Life is great! 


Then a week goes by and the motivation is wearing off, reality sets in, you can't keep up with everything so you slump back into old habits.  Sound familiar?

I hear you!  My name is Michelle, and I'm a mom of two, teacher, entrepreneur, and sugar addict turned health coach. 


I struggled for years to get truly healthy, and played all sorts of mind games with myself.  I knew what I was supposed to be eating and doing, but I couldn't make myself do it.  What would people think if they knew I was eating three desserts in a day or eating raw cookie dough until I was sick to my stomach?


That's when the negative self talk would start.  


Not only was my sugar addiction toxic to my health and energy levels,

but it was toxic to my mental health as well.  


So, I  would hop on the healthy train for a bit, but before long I'd get a case

of the "screw its" and it would be over until I felt the desire to try again.  


This "on and off" the healthy train lasted for years until I finally figured out

how to fix it once and for all,


and I want to help you do it too!  


You're probably thinking, "Sure, that sounds great, but I've been there too and tried different things, and I just can't stick to anything long enough to see a difference!  How is this any different?"

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Well, for the longest time I relied on motivation to keep me going.  Of course, the motivation would end not long after I started and would find myself falling right back into old habits and there I would be until the next round of motivation came along -  sometimes 6 months later or even a year. 

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What if I told you the reason it wasn't working is because we can't rely on motivation to change our lifestyle we have to change our habits.

I now have the perfect program that doesn't focus on diet and exercise, but on HABIT CHANGE and changing our LIMITING BELIEFS.  Talk about life changing!  I was going about "healthy" all wrong and this completely opened my eyes to what I was doing to sabotage my own health without even knowing it.   

I have made it my mission to help overwhelmed moms get healthy once and for all by helping you uncover your limiting beliefs and changing your habits by taking baby steps in the right direction.  


Habit change is simple, but it's certainly not easy to do.  Especially on your own.  That's where I come in!

Book your FREE call today and see if the program is a fit for you.  

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You have nothing to lose,

but so much to gain!

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As a health coach that specializes in habit change,  I will walk you through a program specifically designed to change your  habits to create a healthy lifestyle in a way that's not overwhelming. 

Think you're too busy to add something to your life?  Then this is the perfect program for you!


We will take small, manageable steps so you will be successful and get the results you've been wishing for.     

(And, not once will I tell you that you CAN'T eat something!)

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Don't put it off any longer.  You deserve to be the mom you desire to be, and your family deserves her too!

It's time to take control of your health. I can help!